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Zhongshan General Screw Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in 1987, is a professional parts supplier producing precision screws and special-shaped fasteners of various materials. The company's self built factory is located in the private science and Technology Park, No. 9, minke Road,East, Shiqi District, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, covering a total area of 15000m ².

Enterprise strength
The company passed TUV ISO9002 certification in 1998 and TUV ISO9001:2000 certification in 2002. Passed ISO 14000 certification in 2008. In 1998, the company joined the "China Machinery General Parts Industry Association", in 2006, it joined the "Guangdong Fastener Association", and was honored as the "first vice president of Guangdong fastener industry association". The company has been rated as "ADVANCED UNIT" by Zhongshan municipal Party committee and Zhongshan Municipal People's government for many times.

About products
We can produce all kinds of high-quality self tapping screws, self tapping locking screws, mechanical screws, anti loosening screws and other standard types as well as non-standard special screws. We can provide high-quality products for electronics, electrical appliances, hardware and plastics, sanitary ware, furniture, machinery, auto parts and other industries, and our products meet the environmental protection requirements of the European Union, National standards such as GB / JIS / ANSI / DIN / BS can be adopted.

Production technology
Our company has a production experience of many years of technical personnel and professional product development personnel, not only in accordance with customer requirements to provide the required products, but also for customers to tailor the required products.

Product quality control
Our company has a professional product testing team and projection analyzer, metallography, hardness tester (Welles and Rockwell), torque force tester and other perfect testing equipment, through these, so as to participate in the production of products in each link to ensure the production of high quality, customer satisfaction products.

Information technology
Since 2006, our company has independently developed and continuously optimized the ERP management system suitable for us to realize paperless operation, follow up the production progress in real time, and the real-time inventory of materials, semi-finished products and finished products can be directly connected with customer B2B. E-mail is widely used as internal communication and external business contact to make information transmission more accurate and complete. The company's public resources are shared on the special web page of the server, and a wide range of resources and information can be shared.

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